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Definition of enunciate

What is the definition of "enunciate"?
  • e•nun•ci•ateverb-transitive
  • 1. To pronounce; articulate.
    2. To state or set forth precisely or systematically: enunciate a doctrine.
    3. To announce; proclaim.

  • e•nun•ci•ateverb-intransitive
  • 1. To pronounce words; speak aloud.

Use "enunciate" in a sentence
  • "He insisted there was no such word in Spanish as "enunciate" or "enunciation"."

    "The teacher might encourage the student to "enunciate" more clearly."

    "And, as importantly, he has to enunciate clearly what he is not asking that the government be allowed to do."

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How to Say "enunciate" in:
  • Spanish: enunciate
  • German: enunciate
  • French: enunciate
  • Mandarin: enunciate
  • Japanese: enunciate

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