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Definition of energy

What is the definition of "energy"?
  • en•er•gynoun
  • 1. The capacity for work or vigorous activity; vigor; power. See Synonyms at strength.
    2. Exertion of vigor or power: a project requiring a great deal of time and energy.
    3. Vitality and intensity of expression: a speech delivered with energy and emotion.
    4. Usable heat or power: Each year Americans consume a high percentage of the world's energy.
    5. A source of usable power, such as petroleum or coal.

Use "energy" in a sentence
  • "Dr. Karl offers compelling counter-arguments to some of the speculations of the BPP, although he points us toward the controversial energy source of * zero point energy* as the breakthrough discovery we can use to power our starships."

    "Rather, conventional energy strategies adopt the ‘energy trickle-down’ approach to social welfare and implicitly assume that if energy supplies are increased, these problems will take care of themselves."

    "Take, for example, the two most important terms - the energy released by the fire and the energy recovered by the pot contents (“energy utilised” in the literature)."

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