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Definition of empty

What is the definition of "empty"?
  • emp•tyadjective
  • 1. Holding or containing nothing.
    2. Mathematics Having no elements or members; null: an empty set.
    3. Having no occupants or inhabitants; vacant: an empty chair; empty desert.
    4. Lacking force or power: an empty threat.
    5. Lacking purpose or substance; meaningless: an empty life.

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  • "An empty box on the stage is not described to an audience as “empty, ” but is handled and moved about in the same way that any empty box would be treated -- though a tremulous bunny just might be hanging, unnoticed, behind it."

    "Instances of the word are not frequent, possibly because we had another word for empty (_toom_) in common with the Danes; but perhaps there was no necessity for dwelling upon it in the sense of _empty_; it was only its application as an epithet to a _concave_ or _hollow shield_ that your question could have had in view."

    "An empty smoker in the Cornish express -- _empty_ except for me!"

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