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Definition of emission

What is the definition of "emission"?
  • e•mis•sionnoun
  • 1. The act or an instance of emitting.
    2. Something emitted.
    3. A substance discharged into the air, especially by an internal combustion engine.

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  • "• This coherent emission of bioluminescence (having the characteristics of a \ "bio-laser\" emission) was demonstrated by using high technology and methodology, such as a photomultiplier, that is able to determine the Poissonian Photocount Statistics of a \ "biophoton emission\" and the hyperbolic-like relaxation of \ "delayed luminescence\" by analyzing the \ "biophoton emission\" and the"

    "India has announced that “will spend some $200 million to protect its forests and will announce how much carbon emission is being captured by its green cover” as part of an emerging U.N. scheme called REDD, in which “developing nations could potentially earn billions of dollars by setting aside and rehabilitating their forests.”"

    "The physics of radiation absorption and emission is pretty solid, and the models that are based on this explain the heating."

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