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Definition of eminent

What is the definition of "eminent"?
  • em•i•nentadjective
  • 1. Of high rank, station, or quality; noteworthy: eminent members of the community.
    2. Outstanding, as in character or performance; distinguished: an eminent historian. See Synonyms at noted.
    3. Towering or standing out above others; prominent: an eminent peak.

Use "eminent" in a sentence
  • "God has the ideas in an eminent manner (˜eminent™ is discussed further below), and these ideas are the objects of His thought."

    "Of course, the final Chinese “advantage” appears to be a very fast, cheap, and certain eminent domain process: just bribe a few officials and send hired thugs to kick the people out of their homes and businesses."

    "He called the eminent feminist author Kate Millett "big tits" and tried to kiss her before the live show was taken off air and replaced with a grainy documentary about coal mining."

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