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Definition of dog

What is the definition of "dog"?
  • dognoun
  • 1. A domesticated carnivorous mammal (Canis familiaris) related to the foxes and wolves and raised in a wide variety of breeds.
    2. Any of various carnivorous mammals of the family Canidae, such as the dingo.
    3. A male animal of the family Canidae, especially of the fox or a domesticated breed.
    4. Any of various other animals, such as the prairie dog.
    5. Informal A person: You won, you lucky dog.

Use "dog" in a sentence
  • "To illustrate, consider a sentence like ˜A dog barked™, and suppose that ˜dog™ denotes the set X,"

    "For example, in ˜Every dog is a mammal™, both ˜dog™ and ˜mammal™ have personal supposition."

    "We had a dog, true it was a different one, a ferocious dog…"

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