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Definition of distant

What is the definition of "distant"?
  • dis•tantadjective
  • 1. Separate or apart in space.
    2. Far removed; remote: distant lands.
    3. Coming from or going to a distance: a distant sound; a distant telephone call.
    4. Far removed or apart in time: the distant past; distant events.
    5. Far apart in relationship: a distant cousin.

Use "distant" in a sentence
  • "To one who charges me with being a distant relative of the chimpanzee, I give the reply of Henry Ward Beecher: 'I don't care how _far distant_.'""

    ""I hate the phrase distant third," Mr. Fager said."

    "Real reporters. not “techno sycophants” whose first job was at MacWeek, PCWeek or InfoWorld manage to remain distant from the subject of their stories."

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