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Definition of disenchanted

What is the definition of "disenchanted"?
  • disenchantedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of disenchant.

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  • "Sometimes you do have to reach out and make sure you're getting to what I call the disenchanted population that just feels it can't walk in any longer to whatever the public service happens to be because of previous experience."

    "The author used the word disenchanted which makes me think that his following of the Left was not a rational and thoughtful position."

    "I actually dug up the thesaurus, trying to find a better word than "disenchanted" - Luca Turin's apt description of Dune in The Guide."

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  • Spanish: disenchanted
  • German: disenchanted
  • French: disenchanted
  • Mandarin: disenchanted
  • Japanese: disenchanted

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