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Definition of digging

What is the definition of "digging"?
  • dig•gingnoun
  • 1. The action performed by a person or thing that digs.
    2. A place where ore is dug, especially certain localities in California, Australia, etc. where gold is obtained.
    3. region; locality

  • dig•gingverb
  • 1. Present participle of dig.

Use "digging" in a sentence
  • "Rugborough match is to be played on next Saturday (tomorrow), and digging -- _digging_ -- I'll trouble you."

    "If the media wants to be the fourth (albeit unelected) branch of government, I suggest it cultivate some sense of responsibility in "digging" for the truth."

    "It can be placed around trees which are already there, so no cutting, chopping otherwise digging is necessary, simply click the 2 parts of the Treepot around it also top up with gravel."

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