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Definition of defused

What is the definition of "defused"?
  • defusedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of defuse.

Use "defused" in a sentence
  • "One would not find the term "bananas" in that diagnostic vade mecum, the DSM-IV, but the psychiatrist who used it felt momentarily less oppressed by his calling simply because the word defused the tension and the sadness."

    "That's why I mentioned the IC example: the supposed problems with evolution producing such structures have been completely defused, which is why IC is a much more subtle and complicated concept today."

    "So, I think he kind of defused his critics and ended up giving an important foreign policy speech that's going to be reprinted quite a bit because it shows his philosophy of what the United States needs to do now as we're heading into the new year."

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