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Definition of dapple

What is the definition of "dapple"?
  • dap•plenoun
  • 1. Mottled or spotted marking, as on a horse's coat.
    2. An individual spot.
    3. An animal with a mottled or spotted skin or coat.

  • dap•pleverb-transitive
  • 1. To mark or mottle with spots.

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  • "-- [MS.M. erased.] [440] [For the use of "dapple" as an intransitive verb, compare"

    "What sodden indistinction just an hour ago had all but persuaded us not to regret resumes its first divisions: slate from cinder, ash from smoke, warm dapple-gray from moleskin, dove - from"

    "A pleasant dapple of sunlight peers through the blinds."

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