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Definition of crotch

What is the definition of "crotch"?
  • crotchnoun
  • 1. The angle or region of the angle formed by the junction of two parts or members, such as two branches or legs.
    2. The area on a pair of pants, underpants, or shorts where the two leg panels are sewn together.
    3. A piece of material sewn into a pair of pants, underpants, or shorts that joins the legs.
    4. The fork of a pole or other support.

Use "crotch" in a sentence
  • "Hoodathunk (sponsored by Scroomall Health Corp) says: bizzarrobrain, kicking a Republican in the crotch is about as effective as taking a 2X4 to their head."

    "Most of the hair on his crotch is also what we call "laid""

    "I also believe that affairs happen every single day between people who revere monogamy -- it's just that they get kidnapped by what I call the crotch directive."

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