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Definition of coronal

What is the definition of "coronal"?
  • cor•o•nalnoun
  • 1. A garland, wreath, or circlet for the head.
    2. Linguistics A coronal consonant.

  • cor•o•naladjective
  • 1. Of or relating to a corona, especially of the head.
    2. Of, relating to, or having the direction of the coronal suture or of the plane dividing the body into front and back portions.
    3. Linguistics Articulated by raising the blade of the tongue, as (t) in tip and (n) in night.

Use "coronal" in a sentence
  • "The comet was left a bare rock, with its severed tail wrapped around the front of the solar storm, known as a coronal mass ejection."

    "A jet of highly energized particles, called a coronal mass ejection, was spotted billowing away from the sun a short time later."

    "That depth perception is also particularly helpful for studying a type of solar eruption called a coronal mass ejection."

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