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Definition of copy

What is the definition of "copy"?
  • cop•ynoun
  • 1. An imitation or reproduction of an original; a duplicate: a copy of a painting; made two copies of the letter.
    2. One specimen or example of a printed text or picture: an autographed copy of a novel.
    3. Material, such as a manuscript, that is to be set in type.
    4. The words to be printed or spoken in an advertisement.
    5. Suitable source material for journalism: Celebrities make good copy.

Use "copy" in a sentence
  • "Kipling, just released from his long confinement, like a boy out of school, was the life of the party—and when, one day, he found a woman aboard reading a copy of The Ladies’ Home Journal his joy knew no bounds; he turned in the most inimitable “copy” to the Tonic, describing the woman’s feelings as she read the different departments in the magazine."

    "Book-fanciers now and then bid a few shillings, for a copy of the catalogue of his library; and some sly free-thinkers, of modern date, are not backward in shewing a sympathy in their predecessor's fame, by the readiness with which they bid a half-guinea, or more, for a _priced copy_ of it."

    "The gofpel of John» of which Kerinthus had given me a copy interpolated by him to a conformity with his notions» and the expofition which» being ignorant myfelf of »ay other copy» I delivered to the brethren % 60 HISTORY OW i brethren in their aflfemblies, on the mjrf - teries contained therein, had an extra - ordinary efFedt; my authority and influ«"

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