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Definition of copulation

What is the definition of "copulation"?
  • cop•u•la•tionnoun
  • 1. The act of coupling or joining; union; conjunction.
    2. The coming together of male and female in the act of generation; sexual intercourse; coition.

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  • "In other words, the more vasopressin in the brain, the more male voles want to stick around and mingle with the female after copulation is through."

    "308 Complete ablution is rendered necessary chiefly by the emission of semen either in copulation or in nocturnal pollution."

    "“What if you get AIDS?” she fretted, completely ignorant of or at least neglecting the fact that female-female copulation is virtually STD-transmission-free, fully focused on AIDS as “the gay disease” or, at the very least, “the promiscuous people’s disease,” and naturally since I am bisexual I’m also promiscuous, because all true bisexuals are."

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