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Definition of coniferous

What is the definition of "coniferous"?
  • co•nif•er•ousadjective
  • 1. Bearing cones, as the pine and cypress.
    2. Of, or pertaining to, a conifer.

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  • "Although they are classified as coniferous forests, it is important to understand that these forests also include deciduous broad-leaved trees that may form a lower canopy through which the conifers emerge."

    "Older Palaeozoic rocks are represented by greenish grey slates from the sides of the Beardmore glacier and by radiolarian cherts; but the most widespread of the sedimentary rocks occurring in vast beds in the mountain faces is that named by Ferrar the Beacon sandstones, which in the far south Shackleton found to be banded with seams of shale and coal amongst which a fossil occurred which has been identified as coniferous wood and suggests that the place of the formation is Lower Carboniferous or perhaps Upper Devonian."

    ""coniferous," and such words, remarkably well, considering they did not care two straws about them."

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