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Definition of congress

What is the definition of "congress"?
  • con•gressnoun
  • 1. A formal assembly of representatives, as of various nations, to discuss problems.
    2. The national legislative body of a nation, especially a republic.
    3. The national legislative body of the United States, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    4. The two-year session of this legislature between elections of the House of Representatives.
    5. The act of coming together or meeting.

Use "congress" in a sentence
  • "The bottom line is, this american election is going to be won on who is more cool headed and experienced and takes action and is partisan and wants to fix the “DO NOTHING CONGRESS” vs hot headed, inexperienced, do nothing and bi-partisan and dosnt want to fix congress."

    "The Soviet position followed the new position of the CPSU at its 20th Congress 1956 where Nikita Khruschev unveiled misdeeds of Stalin in his secret speech on the last day of the congress."

    "I did not notice anyone reluctant to talk to him when I was in Havana in January (during the Cultural Congress), and it is significant that he was one of the few Cuban intellectuals who were official representatives to that congress."

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