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Definition of conductivity

What is the definition of "conductivity"?
  • con•duc•tiv•i•tynoun
  • 1. The ability or power to conduct or transmit heat, electricity, or sound.
    2. The conductance of a material.
    3. Physiology The conductibility of a structure, especially the ability of a nerve to transmit a wave of excitation.

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  • "Does ESPN place sensors that measure "skin conductivity" and, says ESPN researcher Artie Bulgrin, also check for "almost imperceptible amount of perspiration that you might not feel but the probes can identify"?"

    "Sensors for "skin conductivity," says Bulgrin, check for "almost imperceptible amount of perspiration, which you might not feel but the probes can identify.""

    "Lie detectors do little more than measure some variables (such as skin conductivity, or how sweaty one's fingers become) to detect the emotion of anxiety that arises when one is lying."

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