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Definition of conditional

What is the definition of "conditional"?
  • con•di•tion•aladjective
  • 1. Imposing, depending on, or containing a condition. See Synonyms at dependent.
    2. Grammar Stating, containing, or implying a condition.
    3. Psychology Brought about by conditioning.

  • con•di•tion•alnoun
  • 1. Grammar A mood, tense, clause, word, or morpheme expressing a condition.

Use "conditional" in a sentence
  • "And the judge put him on 15 months ` probation, it ` s what we call a conditional discharge, which is what I talked about earlier."

    "Egypt's MENA news agency said on Saturday Arab foreign ministers will meet in Cairo at the end of the week to discuss a response to what it called a conditional Syrian acceptance of monitors."

    "The third conditional is a convenient simplification. dfogarty (07: 24: 06):"

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