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Definition of comicality

What is the definition of "comicality"?
  • noun
  • 1. The state of being comical.
    2. Something comical.

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  • "I have seen human bathers acting just like the birds, though from a different cause, bobbing down towards the water, but afraid to dip their heads, and the idea of comicality arose, as it does in most of the ludicrous actions of animals, from their resemblance to those of mankind."

    "Much of what Mr. Masson says in his Introduction of the way in which the verses of Milton should be read is judicious enough, though some of the examples he gives, of the "comicality" which would ensue from compressing every verse into an exact measure of ten syllables, are based on a surprising ignorance of the laws which guided our poets just before and during Milton's time in the structure of their verses."

    "Sammons, an architect in the neo-classical style, lectured on the importance of preservation and decried the "comicality" of some modern architecture."

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