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Definition of comical

What is the definition of "comical"?
  • com•ic•aladjective
  • 1. Provoking mirth or amusement; funny.
    2. Of or relating to comedy.

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  • "On April 20 he wrote an essay about what he calls the comical issues of the Summit of the Americas and then on 21st wrote about "serious issues.""

    "You can certainly take issue with the term comical but I don’t think its sufficient evidence of being mean spirited considering the mainstream media and gibbs have both had to clean up after Biden’s gaffes."

    "What makes my error even more comical is that I innocently inferred that the industrious and opportunistic (in a positive sense) Europeans who became refugees to France during the turmoil of the Algerian independence movement had somehow contributed to the urban squalor I observed in La Rose which was about as far from the truth as one could venture."

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