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Definition of comic

What is the definition of "comic"?
  • com•icadjective
  • 1. Characteristic of or having to do with comedy.
    2. Of or relating to comic strips.
    3. Amusing; humorous: a comic situation involving the family's pets.

  • com•icnoun
  • 1. A comedian.
    2. A person whose behavior elicits laughter.

Use "comic" in a sentence
  • "Once in a company of choice spirits Somebody suggested, when "our leading comic" was being discussed, that it would surely be an original idea and a good speculation to "start a _comic_ Punch.""

    "Paul Richter said of all the definitions of the comic: namely, that their sole merit is _to be themselves comic_ and to produce, in reality, the fact, which they vainly try to define logically."

    "Let him be ever so exasperated, a comic song -- _a good comic_ song, mind you -- never fails to soothe him."

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