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Definition of comely

What is the definition of "comely"?
  • come•lyadjective
  • 1. Pleasing and wholesome in appearance; attractive. See Synonyms at beautiful.
    2. Suitable; seemly: comely behavior.

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  • "On January 21st, 1580, the House adopted a resolution stating that Members "should depart and go forth in comely and civil sort for the reverence of the House; in turning about with a low courtesy like as they do make at their coming into the House; and not so unseemingly and rudely to thrust and thrung out as of late time hath been disorderly used.""

    "This epitaph was written in elegant Latin, but for the convenience of all it was necessary to translate it, although the word comely is feeble beside that of formosa, which signifies beautiful in shape."

    "In short, he might pass for what is commonly called a comely black man, with an air of distinction natural to his birth and condition."

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