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Definition of come out

What is the definition of "come out"?
  • come outverb
  • 1. To be discovered, be revealed.
    2. To be published, be issued.
    3. To make a formal debut in society.
    4. To end up or result.
    5. To walk onto the field at the beginning of an innings.

Use "come out" in a sentence
  • "Only years later when the boy had come out as gay, when I read of his tragically young death from AIDS, did I realize with a pang that perhaps he had thought I, with my inexpert but in-earnest gaze, had been trying to humiliate him."

    "Moon Unit Zappa is a writer, filmmaker, wife, and mom who would happily come out of acting seclusion to make out with Michael Schoeffling under the keen and watchful writing/direction of John Hughes."

    "Indeed, the number of cell interactions that go into one immune response—say, fighting off the microparticles that come out of a blast of diesel exhaust—would take up three consecutive chalkboards to show in its entirety."

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