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Definition of come forth

What is the definition of "come forth"?
  • come forthverb
  • 1. To move forward and into view, to emerge, to appear.

Use "come forth" in a sentence
  • "If they had barked, someone might have come forth to answer Qwil-leran's question, but they watched in threatening silence from a distance of ten feet."

    "And anon Sir Mador came into the field with his shield on his shoulder and his spear in his hand; and so rode about the place crying unto Arthur: Bid your champion come forth an he dare."

    "And when the waters have retired, the husbandmen come forth each to till his land, using ploughs without wheels, with which they turn into the soil wheat and barley and cummin and rice and these thrive so well that they could not be bettered; and nobody knows how such a crop comes, unless by the will of God."

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