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Definition of coitus

What is the definition of "coitus"?
  • coitusnoun
  • 1. Sexual union between a male and a female involving insertion of the penis into the vagina.

Use "coitus" in a sentence
  • "After marriage we practised all sorts of fancy coitus, _coitus reservatus_, etc., and rarely passed twenty-four hours without two conjunctions, until she got far on in the family way, and our play had to cease for a while."

    "Innocent marital coitus is transformed into 80s amateur porn, hot dogs get upgraded into lobster tails, nights out to dinner evolve into gut-busting flesh carnivals, and low-speed family cruises on the lake turn into high-speed water-skiing trials."

    "One should never engage in coitus, he writes, if they are "phlegmatic, nor if they are replete with wine or drunk; nor when they emerge from the bath, nor if they have diarrhea, nor after a bleeding, nor after hard work.""

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