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Definition of cocked

What is the definition of "cocked"?
  • adjective
  • 1. drunk

  • verb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of cock.

Use "cocked" in a sentence
  • "But the slasher himself, the splatterer, the reaver of life, swinging out of the darkness with his death claw cocked, is as old as the hills (which have eyes, as we know)."

    "Glocks always have the same trigger pull, as they are always cocked is a round is in the chamber."

    ""By midday Sunday, [the U.S. Strategic Air Command:] would have a 'cocked' -- meaning 'ready to fire' -- nuclear strike force of 162 missiles and 1,200 airplanes carrying 2,858 nuclear warheads.""

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  • Spanish: cocked
  • German: cocked
  • French: cocked
  • Mandarin: cocked
  • Japanese: cocked

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