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Definition of click

What is the definition of "click"?
  • clicknoun
  • 1. A brief, sharp sound: the click of a door latch.
    2. A mechanical device, such as a pawl, that snaps into position.
    3. Computer Science An instance of pressing down and releasing a button on a pointing device, such as a mouse.
    4. Linguistics Any of various implosive stops, such as that of English tsk, produced by raising the back of the tongue to make contact with the palate and simultaneously closing the lips or touching the teeth or alveolar ridge with the tip and sides of the tongue, and found as phonemic consonants especially in the Khoisan and some Bantu languages. Also called suction stop. See Usage Note at !Kung.

  • clickverb-intransitive
  • 1. To produce a click or series of clicks.

Use "click" in a sentence
  • "I had not long to wait, for after a few _yaks_, at intervals of perhaps fifteen or twenty seconds, the fellow took to wing, and went soaring in a circle above me; calling hurriedly _click, click, click_, with a break now and then, as if for breath-taking."

    "_Click, click, click, click_ rang the hammer, and _splish, splash_ went the fragments of rock that fell in the water or were thrown into it; and thus for quite two hours Mr Temple hammered away, and after giving up a fragmentary conversation Dick and Josh grew silent or only spoke at intervals."

    "Even while they spoke, a warning vibration of the wires was perceived, followed by the _click, click, click_, of the instrument."

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