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Definition of clay

What is the definition of "clay"?
  • claynoun
  • 1. A fine-grained, firm earthy material that is plastic when wet and hardens when heated, consisting primarily of hydrated silicates of aluminum and widely used in making bricks, tiles, and pottery.
    2. A hardening or nonhardening material having a consistency similar to clay and used for modeling.
    3. Geology A sedimentary material with grains smaller than 0.002 millimeters in diameter.
    4. Moist sticky earth; mud.
    5. The human body as opposed to the spirit.

Use "clay" in a sentence
  • "The operation of mining clay from the clay pit or quarry is generally referred to as ‘winning the clay’."

    "If it is nearly all clay it is a _clay loam_; if there is much sand it is a _sandy loam_."

    "The term clay refers to a number of earthy materials that are composed of minerals rich in alumina, silica and water."

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