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Definition of clamorous

What is the definition of "clamorous"?
  • clam•or•ousadjective
  • 1. Making or marked by loud outcry or sustained din.
    2. Insistently demanding attention; importunate. See Synonyms at vociferous.

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  • "The legion still persisted in clamorous sedition, when the emperor pronounced, with"

    "Among the clamorous was his old friend and fellow balladeer, Bret Harte."

    "What has made the tension between press and government especially "clamorous" is that people in charge of the Bush White House decided on a strategy for rolling back the national press."

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  • Spanish: clamorous
  • German: clamorous
  • French: clamorous
  • Mandarin: clamorous
  • Japanese: clamorous

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