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Definition of clamant

What is the definition of "clamant"?
  • adjective
  • 1. Clamorous; loud.
    2. Demanding attention; pressing.

Use "clamant" in a sentence
  • ""Is that you, Bushrod?" called the clamant, clear voice of the gray ghost."

    "It may simply be that behind the firmly controlled uninsistence of his lines American ears, grown accustomed to the clamant verse of poets like Robert Sward, who is discussed below, have not yet recognized the concentration of Enright's verse, its nerve, its distilled lack of irrelevancy."

    "Cum tacent, clamant Cicero — By remaining silent, they cry out."

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  • Spanish: clamant
  • German: clamant
  • French: clamant
  • Mandarin: clamant
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