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Definition of cheapo

What is the definition of "cheapo"?
  • cheapoadjective
  • 1. Cheap.

  • cheaponoun
  • 1. One who is cheap.

Use "cheapo" in a sentence
  • "ZDNet's Dancho Danchev has a nice little investigative piece about the underground economy in cheapo Indian data-centers that break CAPTCHAs for spammers all day long:"

    "Kate Gilbert's Peapod jacket from Knitting Daily done in cheapo Plymouth Encore DK (which I've found washes really well) for a friend's one year old."

    "The "cheapo" 700s are about $600, and are outgunned by the T/C, a whole Benjamin less."

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  • Spanish: cheapo
  • German: cheapo
  • French: cheapo
  • Mandarin: cheapo
  • Japanese: cheapo

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