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Definition of chanter

What is the definition of "chanter"?
  • noun
  • 1. A person, such as a chorister, who chants.
    2. The pipe of a bagpipe on which the melody is played.
    3. A priest who sings in a chantry.

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  • "She's also been outfitted with new green and gold silk cords, a new kangaroo skin bag (hidden by her new raiment), Wygent duotone drone reeds and an old Hardie chanter from the '70s or possibly even the' 60s, which sound at a lower, and in my opinion, richer tone than the modern higher pitched chanters."

    "I got a chanter from a Chinese pedlar in the street in the morning -- heard the unmistakeable reedy notes coming along the street as I did business in the the cool office of"

    "The instrument which he used, or at least that part of it called the chanter, is preserved in the family of a Highland chief to this day, and is much honoured under the name of the federan dhu, or, "black chanter."'"

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