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Definition of catamenia

What is the definition of "catamenia"?
  • cat•a•me•nianoun
  • 1. See menses.

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  • "At the same age in the female, the breasts swell and the so-called catamenia commence to flow; and this fluid resembles fresh blood."

    "It is plain, then, that the catamenia are a secretion, and that they are analogous in females to the semen in males."

    "We must also inquire what those animals which emit semen contribute by means of it to generation, and generally what is the nature of semen, and of the so-called catamenia in all animals which discharge this liquid."

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  • Spanish: catamenia
  • German: catamenia
  • French: catamenia
  • Mandarin: catamenia
  • Japanese: catamenia

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