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Definition of cast

What is the definition of "cast"?
  • castverb-transitive
  • 1. To throw (something, especially something light): The angler cast the line.
    2. To throw with force; hurl: waves that cast driftwood far up on the shore. See Synonyms at throw.
    3. To shed; molt.
    4. To throw forth; drop: cast anchor.
    5. To throw on the ground, as in wrestling.

Use "cast" in a sentence
  • "Thus, _to cast_ means _to throw_; but _to cast up_ an account, signifies _to compute_ it; therefore _up_ is a part of the verb."

    "_ The vote was ordered to be cast, _and should have been cast_ in the negative."

    "III. 1.93 (69,3) [His filth within being cast] To _cast_ a pond is to empty it of mud."

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