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Definition of cant

What is the definition of "cant"?
  • cantnoun
  • 1. Angular deviation from a vertical or horizontal plane or surface; an inclination or slope.
    2. A slanted or oblique surface.
    3. A thrust or motion that tilts something.
    4. The tilt caused by such a thrust or motion.
    5. An outer corner, as of a building.

Use "cant" in a sentence
  • "During his after-life Scott was wont to pride himself upon being a man of business, and he averred, in contradiction to what he called the cant of sonneteers, that there was no necessary connection between genius and an aversion or contempt for the common duties of life."

    "They to whom what they call the cant of the Puritan is an offence, themselves have established and practise a distinct anti-Puritan cant with which we are all familiar."

    "Both Captain and Mrs. Caldwell protested strongly against what they called cant; and they seemed to have called everything cant except an occasional cold reading aloud of the Bible on Sundays, and the bald observance of the church service."

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