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Definition of burlesque

What is the definition of "burlesque"?
  • noun
  • 1. A literary or dramatic work that ridicules a subject either by presenting a solemn subject in an undignified style or an inconsequential subject in a dignified style. See Synonyms at caricature.
    2. A ludicrous or mocking imitation; a travesty: The antics of the defense attorneys turned the trial into a burlesque of justice.
    3. A variety show characterized by broad ribald comedy, dancing, and striptease.

  • verb-transitive
  • 1. To imitate mockingly or humorously: "always bringing junk . . . home, as if he were burlesquing his role as provider” ( John Updike).

  • verb-intransitive
  • 1. To use the methods or techniques of burlesque.

Use "burlesque" in a sentence
  • "The word burlesque comes from the Latin word burra meaning nonsense and the Italian word burla meaning mockery."

    "It proved to be the lowest kind of music-ball down in the Loop district what they call burlesque nowadays-with sawdust on the floor, a great bar down one side of the hall doing a roaring trade, pit and gallery crowded with raucous toughs and their flash tarts, an atmosphere blue with smoke and a programme to match."

    "He would later leave to play piano or organ in burlesque houses."

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