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Definition of boat

What is the definition of "boat"?
  • boatnoun
  • 1. A relatively small, usually open craft of a size that might be carried aboard a ship.
    2. An inland vessel of any size.
    3. A ship or submarine.
    4. A dish shaped like a boat: a sauce boat.

  • boatverb-intransitive
  • 1. To travel by boat.

Use "boat" in a sentence
  • "Another boat with purse nets surrounds the “light boat” with nets and pulls in the catch."

    "When John Fitch's boat stemmed the current of the Delaware, contending successfully with sail boats, it was called, in derision, the _scheme boat_."

    "In the first example, William and Henry are represented as jointly owning a boat; in the second, each is represented as owning a separate boat -- _boat_ is understood after _William's_."

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