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Definition of blasting

What is the definition of "blasting"?
  • blast•ingverb
  • 1. Present participle of blast.

  • blast•ingnoun
  • 1. A planned explosion, as in mining.

Use "blasting" in a sentence
  • "The Section somehow got hold of a city tram and off we were -- about thirty of us -- in the tram, riding around downtown Prague, in the heart of communist-controlled Central Europe, for some two hours, with jazz music blasting from a tape recorder, drinking Soviet (if I remember its provenance correctly) champagne."

    "Whereas I was under the impression that the festival's disparate films and bands and wrestling riots -- leaping across styles and categories and burning more than a few brains along the way -- were nitroglycerin blasting cohesion to smithereens, my next shot of Sailor Rum steered me to the ship of truth."

    "All night fiestas with music blasting is not something I "tolerate," rather, to me it is the sound of freedom."

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