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Definition of better-looking

What is the definition of "better-looking"?
  • better-lookingadjective
  • 1. comparative form of good-looking: more good-looking

Use "better-looking" in a sentence
  • "She had been almost as tall as Ali—five ten or so—but as far as Ali was concerned, Brenda was better-looking in every way."

    "“No, Robert [Pattinson] is still much better-looking than all of us combined,” he grinned, reconsidering his statement."

    "I got smarter, healthier, better-looking, more attractive to women, started earning more money, and felt a deeper sense of inner peace."

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  • Spanish: better-looking
  • German: better-looking
  • French: better-looking
  • Mandarin: better-looking
  • Japanese: better-looking

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