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Definition of bejeweled

What is the definition of "bejeweled"?
  • bejeweledadjective
  • 1. Decorated with or as if with jewels.

Use "bejeweled" in a sentence
  • "There is no one like her for writing the kind of bejeweled rapier of a sentence that pins a novel by its throat."

    "Or a member of the Wall Street elite stepping into his chauffer-driven luxury sedan en route to a splashy event with his bejeweled wife?"

    "At the intimate end of the exhibition's spectrum is a bejeweled 14th-century French reliquary pendant that opens to reveal multiple leaves with gorgeously colored enamel scenes from the life of Christ, for contemplation by the magnificent object's wealthy owner."

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  • Spanish: bejeweled
  • German: bejeweled
  • French: bejeweled
  • Mandarin: bejeweled
  • Japanese: bejeweled

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