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Definition of battered

What is the definition of "battered"?
  • batteredverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of batter.

  • batteredadjective
  • 1. Beaten up through a lot of use; in rough condition; weathered, beat-up.
    2. Beaten repeatedly or consistently; beaten up.
    3. Coated with batter.

Use "battered" in a sentence
  • "Most often they do not leave, and the violence continues; psychologists call it battered women's syndrome."

    "Famed contrarian value investor David Dreman declared in July that investors were missing out on some terrific stock market bargains because they were suffering from a bad case of what he called battered investor syndrome."

    "Personally I think Rihanna is suffering from what I call battered woman's syndrome, which is a nice way of saying that a woman who has gotten her 'A' double 'S' kicked in will support her man."

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