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Definition of autonomic

What is the definition of "autonomic"?
  • au•to•nom•icadjective
  • 1. Physiology Of, relating to, or controlled by the autonomic nervous system.
    2. Physiology Occurring involuntarily; automatic: an autonomic reflex.
    3. Resulting from internal stimuli; spontaneous.

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  • "You know it ` s easy to blame the mother and father and to try to draw a direct link, but researchers showing that if someone has anti-social or sociopathic personality, that sometimes they have what we call autonomic under arousal, meaning they don ` t have as much anxiety as you and I do about getting into trouble."

    "This is because the brain, of course, which controls the emotions like anxiety is also linked to the heart through what we call the autonomic nervous system."

    "I had to confront my parents today; they wouldn’t use the term autonomic dysfunction or Shy-Dragers."

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