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Definition of assent

What is the definition of "assent"?
  • as•sentverb-intransitive
  • 1. To agree, as to a proposal; concur.

  • as•sentnoun
  • 1. Agreement; concurrence: reached assent on a course of action.
    2. Acquiescence; consent: gave my assent to the plan.

Use "assent" in a sentence
  • "This trait is necessary to have the correct assent of law. assent-# to agree or express agreement; "The Maestro assented to the request for an encore""

    "For those nodding vigorously in assent by this point, the Decades Halloween party will include a contest for best decade-themed costume and a P-Funk tribute performance by the Clones of Funk."

    "There was a murmur of assent from the audience, and the mod gave up and finally called on one of the men ..."

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