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Definition of amateurish

What is the definition of "amateurish"?
  • am•a•teur•ishadjective
  • 1. Characteristic of an amateur; not professional.

Use "amateurish" in a sentence
  • ""This is called amateurish ambassadorship," Mr. Erdogan said."

    "The acting, though amateurish, is energetic and delivered with gusto, and the awkward, theatrical dialogue becomes oddly appropriate (if somewhat stiff) in the affected presence of preening Alan."

    "Google botnet attack was 'amateurish' - The Aurora attacks on Google which prompted it to threaten to pull out of China were carried out by a bunch of amateurs, according to security firm Damballa. read more"

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  • Spanish: amateurish
  • German: amateurish
  • French: amateurish
  • Mandarin: amateurish
  • Japanese: amateurish

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