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Definition of alpaca

What is the definition of "alpaca"?
  • al•pac•anoun
  • 1. A domesticated South American mammal (Lama pacos), related to the llama and having fine, long wool.
    2. The silky wool of this mammal.
    3. Cloth made from alpaca.
    4. A coat made of this cloth.
    5. A glossy cotton or rayon and wool fabric.

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  • "The late Jonathan Silver, and now his widow, brother and daughters, revived Titus Salt's spirit at Saltaire, the factory village built on the proceeds of learning to spin alpaca which other textile specialists believed impossible."

    "Did you know that a baby alpaca is called a “cria” or that a group of cheetahs is known as a “coalition”?"

    "I've started on the alpaca, which is Ace-colored and amuses me."

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