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Definition of aggressivity

What is the definition of "aggressivity"?
  • aggressivitynoun
  • 1. The acidic ability of water (when it contains dissolved carbon dioxide) to dissolve calcium carbonate from rocks

Use "aggressivity" in a sentence
  • "The intensity of Mark's aggressivity is fascinating, though you keep waiting for him to reveal some fugitive trace of emotion."

    "Therefore the world should not overlook Armenia's aggressivity, which is hidden behind their role of victim and should think about the price of their support to the Armenians very well."

    "He is putting me in mind of a type of client that Irving Yalom describes in his group therapy text: “Obsequious and carefully avoiding any sign of aggressivity, they are often masochistic, rushing into self-flagellation before anyone else can pummel them.”"

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