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Definition of actor

What is the definition of "actor"?
  • ac•tornoun
  • 1. A theatrical performer.
    2. One who takes part; a participant: "France, Britain . . . and any other external actors now involved . . . in the affairs of the continent” ( Helen Kitchen).
    3. Law One, such as the manager of a business, who acts for another.

Use "actor" in a sentence
  • "We have heard several English people describe Talma's countenance, as by no means powerful enough for a great actor; it appeared to us, that in no one respect was he so decidedly superior to any _actor_ on the"

    ""Because it means I can be seen as an actor as opposed to a child ­actor.""

    "_actor; _ and when it is nominative to a _neuter_ verb, it is _not_ an actor, but the _subject_ of the verb."

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