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Definition of accentuate

What is the definition of "accentuate"?
  • ac•cen•tu•ateverb-transitive
  • 1. To stress or emphasize; intensify: "enacted sweeping land-reform plans that accentuated the already chaotic pattern of landholding” ( James Fallows).
    2. To pronounce with a stress or accent.
    3. To mark with an accent.

Use "accentuate" in a sentence
  • "Is the word accentuate a good word to tell in morning assembly?"

    "But for the most part I actually "accentuate" my brows with a bit of Bobby Brown light brown eyebrow shadow."

    "And at night especially that cold air wants to drain and kind of accentuate it with these Santa Ana offshore winds and compressed heated and that's what we've got."

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How to Say "accentuate" in:
  • Spanish: accentuate
  • German: accentuate
  • French: accentuate
  • Mandarin: accentuate
  • Japanese: accentuate

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