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Definition of zakouski

What is the definition of "zakouski"?
  • zakouskinoun
  • 1. Plural form of zakouska.

Use "zakouski" in a sentence
  • "By all accounts he behaved disgraceffilly, setting her up in one of the town houses while he caroused in the other with teenage peasant girls from his estate, only emerging occasionally from his bedroom to pick at a table covered with zakouski, pickled herrings, salted cucumbers, and the like, in order to renew his Ming powers for further onslaughts on his victims, whom he preferred to enjoy two or three at a time."

    "A _table d'hôte_ of four courses was promised us, including the preliminary _zakouski_ and the supplementary coffee, -- all for sixty _copéks_, which is about forty-five cents."

    "The _zakouski_ is an arrangement peculiar to Northern countries, and readily adopted by foreigners."

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  • Spanish: zakouski
  • German: zakouski
  • French: zakouski
  • Mandarin: zakouski
  • Japanese: zakouski

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